Rescued children have acute brochitis (14th Sep)

Good news! The children have been rescued. Not such good news! They are not in good health. Let Pastor Joshua tell the story.

“A big thank you and the Wilberforce Two Trust as we are successful in rescuing the 5 children from slavery.

I tried to lessen the cost for the rescue of the children but the owner had no compassion. After paying and rescuing children he told me all that the 5 are suffering from acute bronchitis and he is only giving them Moxikind 625 CV (an antibiotic tablet which only helps them a relief), so I have taken them to a hospital for general check-up and all 5 have acute bronchitis and also chest congestion and are admitted to hospital. Here in India we do not have good health check-ups in Government Hospitals so we have to take them to a private hospital where we have to pay for the treatments. The doctor told they need to be in hospital up to 19th and they will give necessary injections and treatment which cure the chest congestion and then they need 3 months of medicines.

I told the doctor (he is a Christian doctor) about what we have done to them and what happened in the factory. He is so pleased for the 5 children although the treatment and the children in Acute Medical Care Division costs 175,000 rupees, he decided to give them all the treatment free from his personal expenses.

He is also excited to meet Bro Stan and the USA Brother as I told them you are coming in November because of your heart to release these children and he offered any help for future rescues of children from slavery in his hospital.

The only thing now we need is 25,000 rupees for the 3 months medicines 12,500 rupees for the basic things to buy for them some pairs of clothes, blankets, boxes, school bags, buckets, towels and other things for them. Once again thank you Wilberforce Two Trust for rescuing these children from slavery and giving them a new life. We assure you we will save these children and will win them for Christ.”

Wilberforce Two Trust will find the funds (37,500 rupees - £400) but if you would like to help us with this cost it will be much appreciated. A massive thank you to those who have helped with this rescue already. We have already been promised sponsorship for two of the children. If you would like to sponsor one of the three remaining children please let me know.