Modern slavery: How you can help bring this curse to an end

Londoners have the power to help stop modern slavery through a new action platform launched by the Evening Standard. Crafted with anti-slavery advocates Freedom United, the innovative online tool offers advice on spotting the signs and helping victims in danger.


Readers can also learn how to uncover for themselves products made using slave labour, and demand that firms issue clear details of their supply chains. Leading lights in anti-slavery have called on Londoners to be the eyes and ears in the fight against the scourge.


“Most people don’t know modern slavery is going on or what it looks like. But everybody can do something about it,” said Professor Gary Craig, founding fellow at Hull’s Wilberforce Institute for Slavery and Emancipation.


Asking questions is crucial, he said, recalling one night when a man with a bucket and sponge offered to clean his car for £6 in a supermarket car park. “I asked him, ‘How much of that do you get?’ and he said £3. ‘Who gets the rest?’ I asked. Then he turned on his heel and disappeared into the dark.”


Slavery is seen across all sectors from fishing to food production, hospitality and social care — as well as in the murky world of sexual exploitation.



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