Five children to be rescued from slave labour (Sep 8)

Things appear to have been moving slowly with Wilberforce Two, but much is being done in the background particularly to establish Wilberforce Day in August 2019. In the meantime we have been waiting for an opportunity to be rescuing more people from slavery and a door has opened to rescue five children and place them into the Hope Children's Home where Starfish Christian Trust are sponsoring many children. The email from Pastor Joshua best explains their situation.

“I went to a wheel alignment centre to get my car tyres balanced. There I saw 5 children with the owner beating them to revolve the big lorry tyres which is truly a great pain for the children. They are in this work from more than 3 years. Their parents sold them into this slavery. These children are given one meal a day by the owner and made to sleep without any blanket on the floor of the shop as security. Seeing this I spoke to the owner and taught him about Jesus and told him this is not at all good for him and I am very much moved with compassion. He allowed me to take them for a lunch and gave them a good lunch. They cried and seeing me they were moved and asked me to release them. I told them I will do my best and prayed and went back to the owner again the next day and told him this is illegal. He said he knows all the police officers and their vehicles are done freely by him, so the action will not be much. I also told him the children should not be given this type of big work and he said as they come to learn it would be easy for them. But I told what we do for children in our children home and he is half pleased (!) to release them

To place them in our orphanage is not a problem and as I know the school teachers they can join the school. I decided to put them in my orphanage if they are released.

So we need, 100,000 rupees (about £1,100 or $1400) for releasing them from this trafficking and giving them a new life. I do not want to see their lives destroyed. I am moved and have faith that I can look after them until we get sponsors. So trustees consider this. I again went to the owner and asked if he can release them for 100,000 rupees as I told I have to raise funds and it takes time. He told yes he is willing to do this for 100,000 rupees.”

I believe this says it all. The Trustees of Wilberforce Two have committed to this rescue and would like to invite you to be part of another wonderful opportunity to rescue these children.

If you normally donate through Starfish Christian Trust then please do so. (Starfish Christian Trust have responsibility for the sponsoring of children in the Hope Children's Home. Please contact me about this) To donate through Wilberforce Two Trust you can do so through PayPal on the website, a transfer to our bank (20-18-93 a/c 6345 6994) or a cheque payable to Wilberforce Two Trust, 32 Mabel Polley House, Kempt Street SE18 4BU. In USA a cheque payable to Labor of Love, 1110 N. Cross St, Robinson, Illinois IL 62454.

Thank you in advance and God bless you.


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