10 Indian children being rescued from kilns - 2nd Jan

Wilberforce Two is happy to announce that we have forwarded funds to enable the rescue of ten children that have been working in slavery for the last two years,

Pastor Joshua alerted us and gave us an opportunity to effect a rescue which we were ready to accept. He wrote

I met a man who introduced himself to me and told his name is A.... V.... and he has brick kilns and also some pottery industries in West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh and there are many workers in his factory. Then I asked him who are these children, he told they are his workers. I asked him why he has put this children in the factory. He told the usual story that he purchased them in a village called Sarvilanka, where there was a cyclone 2 years ago and as a result their parents sold these ten children. (Different Families). The children are very thin and they are suffering from the huge smokery in the pottery industry.I have been in touch with a hostel and I know the Superintendent who agreed to accommodate them. The children will be educated at the same school as those in Hope Children's Home.

We will post an update when the children are free and housed.