Rescued Children Now Settled (22nd Jan)

Pastor Joshua writes:

"A huge thanks to Wilberforce Two Trust for releasing the children from slavery. We have been able to perform the operation successfully and put them in the school and hostel. We have given them kit presentation of the School where we have taken the pictures and the children have their school supplies, stationeries. Minimal fees were paid as they are now in drop out procedure. (drop out is a procedure adapted by Government for bringing children to school at any time, as there would be academic year.)


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"In addition, the kiln owner was compassionate in giving the children belongings and the uniforms they used there in the factory.We also taught him that slavery is a crime and he slowly learnt about this. Surprisingly he asked our team for a bible and they told me about this and I personally met him after the rescue and gave him a bible and prayed for him."

We at Wilberforce Two Trust have already been presented with the possibility of saving 16 children before they enter into slavery. We need wisdom on this. Pastor Joshua has added, "The owner of the brick kiln says he has an association of friends who still buy the children in such ways and he told he would definitely give information to us whenever he finds such news to save the families from slavery and save the children from slavery."

We will need to fund raise to meet this request.


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