Wilberforce Two Makes its First Slave Rescue - 30 Indian Children

Having recently obtained charitable status, Wilberforce Two Trust is delighted to report on its first rescue of children from the evil of slavery. We received a priority request from our partners in Andhra Pradesh in India with details of a rescue of 30 children that had been sold into slavery in a tobacco factory in West Godavari.


This possibility coincided with details of a new children’s home that had just opened and was offering places for such children. Our Indian partner put the two of us together and we are completely overjoyed to have sent sufficient funds to enable the rescue. Through negotiation with the factory owner we were able to reduce the cost of the rescue by some 50%.


In conversation with our partner in India, we have been assured that the organisation that is running the children’s home is known to him and that the children will be properly cared for and will also receive a solid education.


One of our trustees is planning a visit towards the end of 2018 and amongst the places visited will now be this new children’s home.


Slavery in


There are some people who believe that payment should not be made for the rescue of individuals, but at Wilberforce Two Trust we firmly believe that if we have the resources and the opportunity to bring people captured in slavery into freedom, we have a humanitarian responsibility towards them. If you would like to join us in this wonderful work, then please contact us. Our contact page has the details.